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Field Knife Set by Tiktaalik (Best Knife We Could Find)

Field Knife Set by Tiktaalik (Best Knife We Could Find)

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This is a compact set of three professional quality cooking knives made from Sandvik 12C27 Swedish Stainless Steel that are optimized specifically for travel; more lightweight, more compact and easier to clean. The Field Knife Set was designed specifically for outdoor and travel use. They are compact when compared to standard kitchen knives. The grip has been reduced to bare minimum of what is necessary.

The Field Knife Set consists of three of the most commonly used kitchen knives: a small paring knife, a serrated knife, and a compact chef’s knife, all packaged between two Richlite cutting boards. One cutting board has cut-outs for the knives to fit inside and the other one lays on top. The dimensions of the complete set inside packaging is approximately: 11” (276mm) x 5.4” (136mm) x 0.56” (14mm).

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