Wok Talk | what to expect when unboxing your Trail Fire

Lobster Tacos and trucks 


Ad a Pizza Stone to your Trail Fire expand your options:

Trail Fire Grill | 4 in 1 Outdoor BBQ, WOK, Pizza Oven and Fire Pit | Great food in the Outdoors

Did you know we are also a portable pizza oven?

Pizza is one of our favorite cheap and easy camping meals. When we designed Trail Fire we knew it had to double as a convection pizza oven too. Use our carbon steel lid as a convection pizza oven if you can think of it Trail Fire can cook it. Apple Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookies and cinnamon rolls are always camp favorites. 



Bacon, Eggs and Chorizo Poolside with an Outdoor Trail Fire Grill 

Winter in the California desert means we get to ride all our favorite mountain bike trails in perfect seventy degree weather. Here's a short from our last trip. Epic day that began with a classic poolside breakfast. 




Breakfast in a white out blizzard 

Mammoth Mountain California is known for its record snowpack. We went for a white Christmas and got snowed in after highway 395 closed. All that was left after being trapped for an extra day was some bread and two eggs. Sometimes the best times are unplanned. For a short while we were fed and the snow was light and fluffy making for the perfect powder day.