old FAQ's

Q: How much does Trail Fire weigh?

A: 20 lbs. 


Q: What are the dimensions?

A: 14" storage height with lid on


Q: What size grilling surface?

A: 16" round grill grate

What is the outside diameter for storage? 

18" round at the base


Q: How long will a 20 lb propane tank last when using my Trail Fire to cook? 

A: One meal cooked on medium heat will burn about 1Lb of fuel per meal. Figure 12-18 hours of fuel burn from a full size propane tank. 

Q: How long will a 20 lb propane tank last when using my Trail Fire to as a fire pit?

A: A 20lb propane tank will last approximately 8 hours when burning at 50,000 BTU


Q: How long is the propane hose? 

A: 6 feet.


Q: Do you ship overseas? 

A: Yes, we ship worldwide email us for a shipping quote


Q: Is the metal protectant on the Wok food grade edible?

A: Yes. When you receive your Trail Fire Wash the inside of the Wok with soap and water to ensure a clean surface. This will be the only time you will ever need to wash your Wok. Season it with Olive oil and the remaining food grade metal protectant will harmlessly burn off after a few uses. It is harmlessly edible. 

Q: What size brass gas line threads does Trail Fire use? 

A: 3/8"

 Q: Will the Carbon Steel Wok rust if not cared for?

A: Yes Carbon Steel requires the same care and seasoning as Cast Iron. 

Q: I left my Wok outside and it rusted what can I do?

A: Using olive oil heat up the Wok and re-season using a scraper and paper towels to remove the rust. 

Q: How can I connect my Trail Fire to my Rv's propane quick connect? 

We have compiled a list of products for adapting your Trail Fire to your RV's onboard propane tank. Here is what you need for direct connect:


If you also plan on using your Trail Fire away from your RV here is a list to make your Trail Fire both quick connect and propane tank ready: