Welcome to Trail Fire

Welcome to Trail Fire

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We are excited to share our portable solution to clean, hassle-free, outdoor cooking with a 4-in-1 BBQ/WOK/Fire Pit and Pizza Oven. We are the only portable grill with four useful purposes. 

We live for good food in the great outdoors. We prioritize trails, travel, and eating well. 



No dirty coals or firewood to mess with. Our lava rock soaks up and burns off the grease, Trail Fire cleans itself. Lighting the flame is easy with our self ignitor, just turn the knob and you are grilling in no time.

Our ember-free flame is unaffected by the elements and approved for use by the US Forest Service. 

Trail Fire is lightweight and compact. Weighing just 20 lbs. At 14" tall it packs easily into your Van, Jeep or boat. The large 16" diameter grilling surface offers enough space to cook for an entire camp.



With 6 feet or propane hose you have plenty of space to stash your gas out of the way

We designed a portable kitchen with an emphasis on outdoor gourmet cooking. There are no sacrifices in our design it does everything equally well.

We believe food tastes better in nature and no one should have to sacrifice cooking performance for portability.

After testing everything on the market and coming up short, we spent a year designing and refining Trail Fire. With Camping, Overlanding, Tailgating, Van life and the RV lifestyle in mind we didn't want to leave anything out.

Everywhere we go people ask "Where can I get one?"

We take our Trail Fire with us everywhere. This 4-in-1 portable cooker/fire pit is the perfect compliment to a day in the mountains, desert, or beach. We bring our own food to save time and money. We believe, the more time spent outdoors leads to a longer, healthier life. 

We hope you are as excited as we are to use the last outdoor cooker you will ever own. 


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